“The greatness of the human personality begins at the hour of birth.” Maria Montessori

Dr. Maria Montessori was a truly remarkable woman. Born in 1870, she was the first woman to be granted a medical degree from an Italian University.

Dr. Montessori observed and worked with children in specialist institutions, where she developed and formulated a ‘novel’ educational method which helped children of all abilities to achieve their maximum potential. She did this through discovering that many of their problems were linked to improper educational and not medical conditions. Maria Montessori’s life work began in 1907 with a group of pre-school children in Rome, when she opened her famous “Casa Dei Bambini” (Children’s House).

Through her observation and work with these children she discovered their astonishing, almost effortless ability to learn. “Children taught themselves”! This simple but profound truth formed the cornerstone of Dr Montessori’s life long educational reform, and what is known around the world as the Montessori Method.

Although Dr Montessori died in 1952, her educational philosophy has lived on and is today recognised world wide. Just as she discovered in the 19th century, all children are able to reach their maximum ability through a gentle, non threatening method – learning by choice.

The Montessori philosophy of education is based upon direct observation of a child’s natural learning process. This is based on “following the child” and identifying their developmental needs and then applying the right Montessori tools to stimulate their period of movement. It is in this way, that we here at Ladybird Manor, can tailor an environment that compliments the child’s needs at each stage.