At Ladybird Manor, the end of the calendar year marks the educational year’s end, bringing many moments into review, celebrating and reflecting on our achievements together, as a beautiful community.

It has been a tradition at Ladybird Manor since 2007, that we hold a Christmas party on our last day of the year. It is a not-for-profit organised event for families, children and our educators to come together as one, and to enjoy a fun filled day! This event is appreciated and loved by all families and children at Ladybird Manor.

This day brings valuable teachings to our young children, as it teaches about family traditions and giving. It contributes to children’s sense of bringing joy, and most importantly, it allows the educators and families to reflect on all children’s development and achievements.

On this day we look forward to celebrating long lasting relationships, love and care, and dedication that has gone into raising our Ladybird Manor children – the end of another wonderful year! Most importantly, it provides families with opportunities to personally thank and offer appreciation to the educators, for their support and effort, and allowing them some time to reflect on their achievements.