Beauty, reality, order and a graceful living space are the words to describe the atmosphere at the Ladybird Manor.

From the moment you enter Ladybird Manor you will notice a difference. Each room has a unique appeal. The rooms are beautifully decorated with tasteful furniture and soft furnishings, the design of the infant room is elegant and classy. All cots are fitted with pure cotton linen for your baby’s utmost comfort.

Our Environment

Ladybird Manor is flawlessly maintained and includes a landscaped garden for your child’s enjoyment. The indoor and outdoor play areas are stimulating and are carefully designed with natural materials. All toys and equipment are of the highest quality and meets appropriate Australian Safety Standards. Ladybird Manor provides secure exclusive site access via a personalised remote control and swipe card to enter the premises.

Our Rooms

All rooms have access to the Nappy Change Room and to the Toilets. All rooms are painted with a cool buttercup colour and the large windows give natural light to all rooms. Ladybird Manor maintains your child’s comfort throughout the year, air-conditioned rooms to keep the environment cool in the summer months and warm in colder months.

Our Chef

Ladybird Manor embraces the fact that a well-balanced nutritious diet is paramount in the development of young children. With this thought in mind, we provide fresh nutritious meals prepared by our chef.  In order to maintain a healthy child, the educators will monitor their daily food and fluid intake. All meals will be brought to each room by the chef.

Our Programs

Ladybird Manor offers the best early educational development, known around the world as the Montessori Method, in conjunction with the Early Years Learning Framework. The educational programs are tailored to bring out the best in each child as each child is considered unique.

Our library is a peaceful and a quiet room, decorated with a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction books and a plasma television to enrich on children’s educational programs. Children learn about the world, languages, geography and cultures around the world. Story time around the circle with our educators will be one of the things your child will appreciate and look forward to each day.

Music and movement is one of the most appreciated programs at the Ladybird Manor. The music room is decorated with child safe music instruments for your child to experience different types of sounds and rhythms. Children will take their places around the circle mat, to sing along to the sounds of our piano and to do fun activities with the teachers.

Ladybird Manor also offers a variety of extracurricular programs to cater for the variety of interests in children. These includes soccer, piano, ballet, voice and swimming lessons. Each of the specialist teachers have relevant experience and credentials in their field of expertise.

Step through our open door and into our happy Centre today!